Enhancing Decorating Finished Products

Decorated Products

Base coat painting, Vacuum metalizing, and Top coat painting are the three processes of Vacuum metalizing.

The base coat painting will be attached with aluminum raw material for vacuum metalizing.

It takes around 20 minutes to completely attach aluminum material to achieve high metallic condition while doing Vacuum metalizing.

Following that, a Top coat is necessary to protect the surface, and if color variation is desired, the top coat will be mixed with some colorant to create metallic with your preferred color.

If you require some gold color, the colorant will be Yellow, so the color will look like gold with a mixture of brightness by vacuum metalizing.

This is one of our Manual Masking Paint items.

The Manual Painting will be done with Urethane Paint.
The Manual Masking Jig will be made in Japan.

The mask jig will be built of copper raw material and will be as thin as 1mm or less.
That’s why even a precision-shaped masking jig can block out paint mist.

After injection, one of the decoration processes is hot stamping, and the color with the maximum brightness is Gold, Silver, with hair lines, and so on.

Hot stamping is another procedure that gives your products a high-end appearance.
We also have experience with hot stamping on the painting surface.

The Film Insert Molding process enables the creation of intricate designs, including irregular lines, shapes, and a wide range of color variations, as seen in the provided photo.

If the item height measures just below 10mm, as shown in the photo, it assists the alignment of the design and the shape of the plastic injection after pressure forming.

The higher the height of the item, the more challenging it will be to make alignment adjustments.

The Painting procedure can also be carried out using XY reciprocating painting, which depends on the size and height of the item.

The panel pieces, created in a plate-like manner, can be easily processed using XY reciprocating painting.

The components shown in the image have dimensions ranging from approximately 400mm to 500mm in length.

We are able to perform Manual Masking Paint, even for sizes of that kind.

Manual masking and XY reciprocating can be combined.

Chrome plating parts achieve the highest level of mirror-like appearance.

The Plating process will involve the application of Nickel and Nickel chrome using an automatic time control system.

Furthermore, the quality of plating will be dependent upon the design of the Plating Jig.

The successful injection of parts depends on factors such as the size, shape, direction, and distance from the electrode. Achieving this requires a deep understanding and use of accumulated expertise as we continue enhancing decorating finished products.

Enhancing Functionality Finished Products

Molded Products

Resin: PBT +GF30%

We utilize PBT with Glass Fiber as one of our Engineering Plastics.

Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) reinforced with glass fiber offers beneficial features such as excellent anti-shock property, anti-chemical property, and dimensional stability.

There is a specialized resin injection machine capable of containing up to 30% Glass Fiber.

Resin: PC+GF15%

We use PC with Glass Fiber as one of our Engineering Plastics.

This component plays a crucial role in the process of releasing the shutter.

In order to prevent the reflection of light, these parts will be coated with a matte black finish.

Resin: PS-HI

The Inkjet Printer Parts refer to the components located in the vicinity of the paper feeder.

Compared to regular PS, HI grade is specifically designed to have superior anti-shock properties.

The pricing remains affordable while also having a certain level of anti-shock properties.

Resin: PC Clear

PC Clear will be used for the parts that require a Transparent condition.

The device can function as a display panel and printer, producing transmitted LED light.

The PC Clear injected parts will be manufactured using an exclusive machine specifically designed for producing Transparent products.

Resin: ABS

We have plenty of products that utilize ABS, which is a common resin.

ABS exhibits excellent anti-heat property and dimensional stability.

The parts in the picture are made with precision and manufactured using an 8-cavity mold.

Enhancing Quality Finished Products

SMT PCB Products

The Harness assembly is accompanied by a manual soldering attachment.

There are numerous types of harnesses, and automating the assembly process for harnesses can be challenging.

We do the handling of harness, Pinpoint solder attachment with harness, and more.

The LED panel is a vital part that functions as the primary light source in a printing device.

The reliability and longevity of our LED panels are widely recognized. The LED panel of a printer is built to have a longer operating lifespan, hence minimizing the necessity for frequent repairs and maintenance.


The FFC Cable attachment will be carried out via the Manual soldering method.

There are multiple certified manual soldering operators who have successfully completed the internal examination for each level of manual soldering.

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