Delivering Reliability and Efficiency with Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Our Manufacturing Processes

Bigmate aims to deliver reliability and efficiency for every industry need through our business solutions – Plastic Injection Molding, SMT PCB Assembly, Painting, Printing, Hot Stamping, Vacuum Metalizing, Chrome Plating Processes

A high-performance plastic injection machine in a clean, modern manufacturing facility, designed for producing precision plastic components.

Plastic Injection Molding

Innovative Manufacturing Process and Robotics

SMT PCB Assembly Manual Soldering

SMT PCB Assembly

Excellence in SMT PCB Assembly

Precision painting process for plastic injection molded parts at Bigmate Philippines Inc.

Painting Process

Leadership in Product Innovation

Printing Process on Plastic


Quality in Every Detail

Hot Stamping Process on plastic

Hot Stamping

Elevating Products

Vacuum Metalizing

Vacuum Metalizing

Detailing beyond Limits


Chrome Plating

Trust our Expertise

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