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Precision, Innovation, and Quality in Bigmate Philippines Inc.

Front view of the Bigmate Philippines Inc. building showcasing its modern architecture.

Bigmate Philippines, Inc.

BIGMATE PHILIPPINES, Inc. is a multinational export enterprise established on April 27, 2000. Ninety nine percent (99%) of the organization is Japanese owned. The venture was backed-up by Otomo Seisakusyo Co., Ltd from which the name of the company was derived. Resided at First Philippine Industrial Park in Sto.Tomas, Batangas in August 2000, the BIGMATE PHILIPPINES, Inc. had engaged in manufacturing of Plastic and electronic components.

Company's Mission & Vision

BMP Mission

Bigmate Philippines, Inc. mission is to provide high quality plastic injected and assembled products that is cost efficient and customer oriented and respect with the environment.

BMP Vision

Bigmate Philippines, Inc. vision is to become one of the leading manufacturers of plastic injected products and assembled products in the industry.

Story of Success

Bigmate set out from its humble beginnings to create not only products but solutions that exceeded expectations. Bigmate’s success was a result of their constant pursuit of quality, focus to client satisfaction, and capacity to develop and innovate in a dynamic industry. Bigmate now fosters long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency, and shared dedication to success. Their story is an inspiration—proof that when excellence is nourished with passion and commitment, it knows no limitations.

FNX140 injection molding machine in operation.
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) performing a precision measurement.
Injection molding machine in operation, producing plastic components.
Vision Measuring System (VMS) machine performing precision measurement.

Bigmate Philippines Inc. Advantages​

Bigmate is one of the pioneers in the industry that established strong partnership with the customers. We are experts in this field who produce high quality products but still looking for an opportunity to improve.

Our services and products are not just for electronics and automotive companies, but also in gaming, food, industrial, medical, household and many more. We have services that ordinary Plastic injection and SMT companies don’t have, we can also provide sub-assembly for Plastic Injection and PCB Assembly. We are not just doing manufacturing business, we are doing total coordination to make customer solutions.

Bigmate excels in providing personalized decorating solutions. Our expertise enables for customized designs, textures, and finishes, meeting customer needs and creating market distinctiveness. Our meticulous approach ensures high standards in every decoration, whether it’s intricate patterns or color matching.

Why Choose Bigmate Philippines Inc.?

  • Diversified Capabilities: Bigmate provides flexibility for meeting a variety of project demands–Painting, printing, laser cutting, hot stamping, metalizing, plating, film insert molding, injection molding, and SMT and PCB assembly.
  • Efficiency: Our production approach assures high efficiency. We’ve improved our procedures to reduce lead times and production costs, bringing us a cost-effective solution for your projects.
  • Quality: Bigmate continuously offers high-quality products through quality control methods. Every step of production is monitored by our skilled team, guaranteeing that your components meet or surpass industry requirements.
Landscape view of the Bigmate Philippines Inc. building with surrounding greenery.
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