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Injection Molding Machines at Bigmate Philippines

At Bigmate Philippines, we utilize injection molding machines to deliver high-quality plastic components and electronic parts to our valued clients. Our advanced machinery ensures precision, efficiency, and reliability in every production run.


About the

Yes, we support flow analysis and offer 3D viewing through our advanced software. Although we don’t provide product 3D design services, we work seamlessly with the 3D data supplied by our clients to fabricate molds and produce high-quality injected parts based on detailed criteria and tolerances. During mold fabrication, we also provide material flow analysis to ensure optimal results.

We can verify the feasibility of the mold once the customer provides the 3D product drawings. This verification ensures that the final product meets all your specifications and standards, providing peace of mind and quality assurance.

While our clients typically manage product design, we excel in creating mold designs based on the provided 3D (and 2D) product drawings. This collaborative approach ensures that we meet your exact specifications, delivering superior-quality molds.

We provide a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) report based on the 3D product drawings from our clients. We then set up a meeting to review and approve the DFM before starting mold fabrication, ensuring all aspects are covered and expectations are met.


the mold

We can create molds for machines up to 800 tons. Our in-house capabilities include a machine size of up to 450 tons.

We offer a variety of surface finishes based on client requirements, including texture, mirror polish, and more, ensuring that the final product meets your aesthetic and functional needs.

Yes, we can create prototype molds to help you refine your product before mass production. This allows for testing and modifications, ensuring the final product is perfect.

Yes, we fabricate molds with hot runners for efficient mass production, providing consistent quality and reducing cycle times.

We use Mold Temperature Control (MTC) and chillers for mold control. Additionally, we have experience with Heat & Cool injection processes, which heat the mold above 100°C using boiler steam and then cool it immediately with a chiller. This process eliminates weld lines and maintains a high gloss for mirror-polished surfaces, ensuring superior quality.


About Prototyping &
production volume

Yes, we support prototyping, provided the client allows us to create a prototype mold. This service helps in validating design and functionality before full-scale production.

Production volume depends on the product and production method. We can adjust the cavity settings based on client requirements to meet your desired production volume, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

Yes, we have extensive experience in transferring from production both domestically and internationally. Once we receive the mold, we perform a thorough check and maintenance before proceeding to trial and mass production upon client approval, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous output.


Injection Molding Specifications

We have injection molding machines ranging from 30 tons to 450 tons, allowing us to handle a wide variety of product sizes and complexities.

Yes, we perform insert molding manually to meet specific client needs, providing flexibility and precision in production.

We offer a range of secondary processes, including painting, printing, hot stamping, laser cutting, metalizing, and chrome plating, to enhance your products and add value.


Resin Material
& Cost

We can handle any type of plastic material based on client requirements. Common materials include PS, PP, ABS, PC, and PBT, ensuring we meet the specific needs

We ensure cost-effective solutions by using commonly available resins. Our strong relationships with suppliers allow us to provide high-quality materials at competitive prices, enhancing the value we deliver to our clients.

Cost efficiency in small-lot molding depends on the production volume. We work closely with clients to optimize the process and minimize material loss, ensuring cost-effectiveness even in small lots.

We prioritize thorough initial design discussions and meticulous planning to minimize the need for modifications or changes after mold production. Our collaborative approach ensures a high level of accuracy and satisfaction, reducing the need for post-production adjustments.

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