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Countermeasures for Molding Defects – Short Shots


Plastic injection molding redefines manufacturing by precisely and efficiently producing useful parts. Although plastic injection molding is efficient, faults are a natural part of the process. Identifying the causes of these issues helps manufacturers prevent and fix them.

Defect NameDescription of the DefectCause of DefectCountermeasure
Short ShotIt is the condition of the product that is prematurely or incompletely formed.There are different causes of shortshot. Below are some. 1. Insufficient shot size. 2. Low Holding pressure 3. Low barrel temperature. 4. Low injection speed  There are different approach in troubleshooting shortshot depends on its cause. Below are some adjustments that you can perform. 1. Increase shot size 2. Increase holding pressure 3. Increase barrel temperature. 4. Increase injection speed.  

Analyzing the root cause of the short shot is the best approach before you adjust or troubleshoot. It will not just lessen the material consumption, but it will also shorten the troubleshooting time. Troubleshooting in plastic injection molding involves experimenting with settings, analyzing outcomes, and making small changes. With continued practice, you will soon be molding like an expert.

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